Mythological Flying Creatures

Flying DragonMankind was passionate about flying since the evolution of mankind which can be seen in various historical civilizations. There have been many mythological epics and stories in almost all the ancient civilizations, which reveal human aviation fantasy, dream and his achievement in that direction. In the ancient historic era, many flying creatures and objects have claimed their existence and was described time to time in the literature.

Some of the mythological flying creatures are mentioned below:


Dragon is one of the legendary flying mythological creatures, featured in many ancient culture and legends, which has characteristics of a reptile and a serpent. Greek meaning of dragon means a huge water snake. Dragon is described as a huge two paired lizard which could fly and emit fire from its mouth whenever required. Dragon is a part of ancient Greek, Chinese, European, Persian and Japanese mythologies and each dragon have almost same characteristics.


Griffin is a legendary creature termed as a king of beast, and it has characteristics of a lion and an eagle. It is a flying mythological creature, which was basically a lion with his head replaced with eagle’s head and additionally it has wings. In literature, Griffin is described as a majestic and a powerful flying creature; known for protecting priceless and valuable possessions. Griffin is carved in many architectural buildings and often painted and sketched to depict superiority.

Winged Sphinx:

Winged sphinx is a mythological flying creature, referred in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Indian mythology. It is a monster which has lioness body with its head replaced with women’s head; and additionally it has eagle’s wings and a tail (similar to serpent’s tail). In ancient times, Sphinx was known to guard Greek City’s gate, and it used to ask riddles to the entering travelers which would act as a key to enter the gate. Carving of Winged Sphinx can be excessively found in the ancient architectural structures, temples and tombs of Egypt.


Phoenix is a mythological flying creature which scans distant spaces and landscapes, while flying in the air. Phoenix is considered to be immortal in many legends, and it is considered as a symbol of peace since many centuries. In Egyptian mythology, Phoenix was associated with Sun, and in Chinese mythology, Phoenix was associated with power and empress. The symbol of Phoenix is used by many political parties, religious groups or other communities to depict their rebirth or immortality.


Manticore flying creature was originally referred in the ancient Persian mythology. This creature has trumpet voice, long body of a lion, wings, human head and sharp teeth like a shark. Various mythologies such as Greek, Indian, English and Persian; has mentioned this flying creature in their literature. Manticore (English derived name) has different name in other civilizations. In Persia, it was originally called as man eater.

Flying Creatures

Mankind was passionate about flying since the evolution of mankind which can be seen in various historical civilizations.
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